The Archaeological Museum in Nalanda houses most of the antiquities that were found from the excavation of Nalanda University. The university is believed to be established somewhere around fifth century AD. The findings show that the university was a fully resident one that could accommodate 2,000 teachers and around 10,000 students. Nalanda University lasted for around 800 years before invaders destroyed it. The institute used to be the center of studies in entire Asia during its time. It attracted scholars from China, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tibet and South East Asia. Many western universities, including Oxford University, were established before the destruction of the Nalanda University.

  • Established in 1971, the museum houses relics unearthed from the Nalanda University.
  • The museum is divided into four main galleries housing 13463 relics that have been excavated from 349 sites.
  • The main hall included 16 sculptures of Trailokya Vijay, Maitreya, Buddha in Varad, Dharmachakra and Bhumisparsh postures, Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, Parshvanath and Nagaraj sculptures, etc.